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What do all of these organizations have in common?



They have all had data recovered by Accuserv, Inc.





Data Recovery Capabilities


Accuserv Data Recovery services offer industry-leading solutions to recover data from virtually any type of data storage device. Utilizing a suite of proprietary recovery tools and the most experienced data recovery engineering team Accuserv is uniquely equipped to solve even the most extreme data loss scenario.


This guide outlines an extensive list of technologies that our engineers can service for data recovery. In addition to offering data recovery service on these listed items, our in-house Custom Solutions group has the expertise to develop customized recovery tools and methods for less commonly used and/or proprietary systems and databases. Contact an Accuserv Recovery specialist for more information.


Storage Manufacturers Databases Operating Systems

■ Adaptec®           ■ AMIBus®              ■ Compaq®

■ Dell®                 ■ EMC®                  ■ Hitachi®

■ HP®                 ■ IBM®                    ■ Intel®

■ LSI                     ■ Mylex®                 ■ Network Appliance®

■ PERC®                ■ Promise®           ■ Sun®

■ Xiotech®




■ Microsoft® Exchange     ■ Microsoft® SQL            ■ Microsoft® SharePoint

■ Visual FoxPro DBF         ■ Interbase®                 ■ Paradox®

■ Oracle®                       ■ Sybase®                         ■ DBF

■ FileMaker®                   ■ Lotus® Notes                 ■ Biz Talk






■ Apple® Macintosh         ■ BSD                             ■ HP® UX

■ IBM® AIX®                   ■ Linux®                         ■ Microsoft  Windows®

■ NetWare®                     ■ Sun™ Solaris™             ■ VAX / VMS


■ VMware®




■ CD-R / CD-RW               ■ Blu-Ray                           ■ DVD-R / DVD+R           

■ DVD-ROM                     ■ DVD-RW / DVD+RW    

■ Magneto-Opticals (various formats)      




■CompactFlash         ■ Memory Stick                  ■ PC Cards (PCMCIA)    

■ SD Media                       ■ SmartMedia                   ■ Solid-State Drives (SSD)

■ USB Flash Drives          ■ xD Media                        




■ RAID, SAN, NAS           ■ SCSI, IDE, ATA, SATA, SAS   ■ Floppy diskettes

■ Jaz / Zip, removable media                                                     




■ LTO (all capacities)

■ QIC / ¼”                        ■ Mini-QIC / Travan                     ■ 8mm

■ 4mm DAT, DDS, DDS2, DDS3, DDS4                                   ■ CommVault

■ DLT (all formats)             ■ AIT, AIT2, AIT3                       ■ 3480/3490/3490E

■ Ditto                               ■ DEC TK                                   ■ 9-Track

■ SuperDLT                       ■ StorageTek® 9840, 9940 series

■ ADR                               ■ Exabyte 8mm 8200/9500/9700, Mammoth, M2 series

■ VXA Data Encryption T   ■ Pointsec™                             ■ Safeboot™

■ BitLocker™                     ■ SafeGuard Easy™                   ■ PC Guardian™

■ Credent® Mobile            ■ PGP                                     ■ Windows EFS

■ TrueCrypt™



Data Recovery Service Options


In-Lab Services

Data recovery performed in a secure cleanroom laboratory – designed for opening hard drives and other devices without risk of contamination. In-lab services are offered in any situation in which the hardware is physically failing or damaged.


On-Site Services

Data recovery service performed at your location by Accuserv Recovery engineers for the most critical and sensitive data loss situations.


Custom Solutions

Data recovery service for your proprietary and/or highly complex systems. Our R&D team works with your developers or IT staff to create customized recovery tools to extract your lost data.


We understand that data loss is a serious problem and we are here to find the best solution to your problem. We pride ourselves on our customer support and we are happy to speak to you about your data loss situation. Please call us at 913-432-0000 or fill out the form here and someone will contact you shortly.